3 Key Qualities That Will Make You Stand Out At Work

3 Key Qualities That Will Make You Stand Out At Work

Ever wondered how some people manage to stand out at work than others? Don’t get it wrong, while having the technical skills to get the job done is primarily essential, we cannot afford to ignore the fundamental key aspects of having a good working relationship with your co-workers. We need the people around us to succeed in our careers and that is inevitable.

I recently caught up with a good friend of mine who has been working in a major IT Consulting firm for the last 5 years.

His career had basically hit a brick wall. His peers who came after him were already having Associate Manager positions while he was still fighting to get past the Senior Analyst role. From our conversation, I quickly learned how certain qualities made certain people stood out more despite the high levels of tech skills. It narrowed down to 3 key qualities.


Why does a positive attitude at work matter? Phycologists agree that our brains are wired to bad news or negative things than positive. Your attitude towards work or your collogues is what mostly determines how people view you as a person. it’s unrealistic to always have a positive attitude at work but having a positive outlook towards things and optimism goes a long way. Optimistic people are like a fresh breath of air during a hard time at work. They bring so much light into dark issue.


It’s the little effort that counts on most occasions. The pro-activeness, not waiting to be told things but finding extra stuff that you could add to your to-do list that can help the team, even as simple ideas as changing the documentation structure within the project.
While showing up at exactly 8 am and leaving by 4 pm might seem like you are doing things the right way, this alone might not be enough to elevate your career.
Ask yourself what extra mile you can go to showcase your ability to adapt to changing needs at your workplace.
If you are the type who wouldn’t stay up a minute late or find after office drinks utterly unnecessary, don’t be surprised when you face difficulties scaling up your career. Some of the best times to connect with people and get informed about changes within the company are the informal settings that you could be avoiding.

Readiness to learn

“The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills. Anything else will become obsolete “-Peter Drucker.

It is not what you have known for the last 10 years in your career that will set you apart, rather, the readiness to learn. To be willing to adapt to new skills demands within your respective industry, always staying up to your A-game in terms of emerging technologies.

Make sure to take up high visibility projects that are going to push you out of your comfort zone, ask questions where you don’t understand. You don’t have to feel like you have the answers to everything. Ask anyone who played those cards to know how that path can be energy depriving.
ake up courses either within your company or outside. Acquire certificates if need be, if you want to take it next level. Don’t be scared of making mistakes in the process, you learn best through experience.