Personal Growth

5 Simple But Effective Ways to Improve Your Focus

It goes without saying that in order to improve your focus and attain high levels of productivity and success, one must demonstrate some level of focus and concentration. Focus here is the ability to dedicate a great amount of attention to a particular task until its completion. In a world saturated by distractions, it can be quite the challenge to be focused and take on our everyday missions. Here are five simple ways you can improve on your focus.

Physical exercise makes your brain think better

Your brain remembers more when your body is active. Exercise is not only beneficial for your physical health but your mental health as well. By exercising, your brain produces hormones such as dopamine and serotonin that help with focus and concentration. The best time to exercise therefore is in the morning before heading out to work or before undertaking any strenuous activity that may require your attention. Exercise also helps you to stay active which leads to improved performance. 

Adopt the concept of simple goal setting

To improve your focus, you need to make your goals as simple as possible. Start with simple and attainable goals that will help you tackle even bigger ones in future. Goal setting is an aid to align your focus on the things that matter, self- mastery and consequently success. when setting goals, you avoid doing tasks haphazardly and instead choose to do one thing at a time before taking on the next. Multitasking, therefore, is a huge enemy to your focus. Instead, set goals you are confident you can achieve and build on them.

Brain foods are your best friend

Studies have found that there is a strong correlation between diet and vital mechanisms that are responsible for brain health and mental function. Diet is a huge contributor to focus and memory retention. Foods that are rich in fibre such as whole-grain foods, as well as a protein-rich meal, are crucial in enhancing your ability to focus. On the other hand, eating fatty foods or those with a high-calorie content will diminish your focus altogether. This is because you will end up feeling drowsy and exhausted. Invest in a healthy diet with fibre and protein, water and any other brain foods in your diet.  A good place to start is by having a healthy breakfast every morning and also making sure that you avoid skipping important meals during the day as it is hard to pay attention when working on an empty stomach.

Get rid of unnecessary distractions

distraction is simply anything that takes away your focus. These distractions could be notifications and unread messages from your phone or even working in a noisy environment. If your phone is a constant distraction, keep it away from you or you can as well have it on silent mode until your done with the task at hand. Be sure to also be in an environment that is more suitable for your work. Another distraction could be colleagues. You can counter this by learning to say no and ensuring that they understand why you need to focus solely on what you are doing. Focus is all about giving your attention to a single task. Any other thing that may be hindering you from doing so should not be within reach. You can schedule these distractions for later once you are through with your work or when taking breaks.  

Sleep and rest are extremely essential

You have probably heard this over and over again. The quality of your sleep has a huge impact on your performance, memory and focus. When you are sleep deprived, the focus becomes diminished which results to poor performance and low levels of productivity. Consequently, something as simple as taking a break from your work and having a minute or two of rest will improve on your focus profoundly. When we bombard ourselves with work and fail to take time to re-energize, we risk harming not just our physical health but our mental health altogether. An indication that you need to rest is burnouts and cases of serious migraines. Ensure you take enough rest and have an adequate amount of sleep so that you can become more attentive on your next task.

As noted earlier, as simple as these steps may seem, they will go along way in helping you improve your focus. Be sure not to neglect either of them and stand a chance to better your performance at work and increase your level of productivity.