A Quick & Simple Guide On How to Find a Mentor For Your Career

A quick & Simple Guide on How to find a mentor for your career

If you are looking for a mentor for your career, this article will give you a simple way you can do so.

One of the most common career advice is the importance of having a mentor.   It’s understandable—after all, it’s a piece of good advice; But, how do you actually find a mentor who is good for you? Whether you are starting out in your career or an expert in your field, having a mentor is an amazing way to fast track your career. By definition, a mentor is someone who has more experience than you in that particular line of work and Can relate with your situation, a trusted advisor who you can turn to with questions and get valuable advice and is tailored to the industry or specific business you are in.

This article offers 3 easy ways you can can find a good career mentor.

Define what you are looking for in a mentoring relationship

The very first thing to do is define and identify your reasons why you want a mentor in the first place. Are you looking to get a promotion or require career guidance? Do you want to build up a great skill stack but aren’t sure which skills to invest in?  Do you need trusted advice on next steps or planning to make a career change altogether? These are areas a mentoring relationship can be of great benefit. Be clear about what you both can achieve out the relationship. One misconception is that mentorship is a one-way street where only the mentee benefits from it. Identify what you can also bring to the table. 

Maximize on networking opportunities 

Make use of both online and offline or formal and informal networking opportunities. Attend networking events or webinars if possible.  Invite a colleague you admire for lunch or strike a conversation at a coffee station. Keep in mind that with mentoring, it doesn’t always have to be about big life questions. It can perhaps be a coworker’s presentations that you have always admired. Ask them how they did it. Maybe the new colleague has this incredible way of leading a meeting. Ask them how they do it. You might find a mentor in more than just one person which is even more powerful than having only one mentoring relationship.

Get to know your mentor and let your relationship evolve organically

There is no universal guideline on how a mentoring relationship can look like, however it’s important that you get to know the person and let your relationship evolve organically. You can ask for their opinion in a particular topic that way they know that you value their opinion. Compliment their work and mention how they inspire you. Don’t worry too much about giving a name to it right away. Don’t forget that mentoring is just like any other relationship. If you both aren’t feeling each other, don’t force it. Give it time to grow or continue with the search.