Skills That Will Recession-Proof Your Career

Skills That Will Recession-Proof Your Career

Having skills that will recession-proof your career is the biggest take away from the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Bank predicted a 5.7% shrink in the global economy terming it as the deepest recession since the Second World War. This has caused many to question the kind of recession-proof skills that are necessary and worth investing. As felt by many countries around the world, many have lost their business and jobs due to massive retrenchment in an effort to survive the harsh economic times.

This article will serve to highlight skills that will always be in demand regardless of the economic times.

The Ability To Connect With Others

When I look back to the people who had the biggest impact on my career, were those who could connect with others both professionally and personally. This skill is based on three essential communication strategies.

  • The authority you exhibit.
  • The warmth you convey
  • The energy you exude and bring out in others.

We can never exhaust on the importance of soft skills for your career.
According to studies, only 15% of your professional growth is attributed to your technical skills and the rest 85%, is attributed to your ability to connect with others. In a word: your soft skills. Can you communicate effectively, are you flexible, can you adapt to new environments, what about negotiate and leading others. How do you respond and deliver feedback? Are you able to motivate your team/others? All these and many others are questions to ask yourself. In order to tailor yourself, be seen as indispensable and adapt to any abrupt changes in your industry or the economy at large you must master the art of connecting with others.

Tech Skills

I recently had a chat with a senior recruiter and the key takeaway from our conversation was that now more than ever, industries and businesses are looking for individuals that are well versed with technological skills. Be it, AI, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Web Development or Programming, and because job security is a thing of the past, having good tech skills is crucial.

Digital Marketing

Now more than ever, regardless of which industry you belong, having basic digital skills that will help to grow your business or personal brand is an a-must. Purchasing is a click of a button away and businesses are always in a constant look for ways to have a strong online presence, build a brand and connect with their target customers. It, therefore, goes without saying that there is a need for digital marketing skills.

Financial Literacy

If there is something we have learned through this pandemic, is that having a single stream of income is a sure way to limit your financial independence. Investing in your financial literacy is a sure way to more stable and secure financial futures i.e Understanding the basics of budgeting, saving and investing as well as having healthy spending habits. That way, you are in a better position of making the right decisions in the case of an economic downturn.

People Skills

Finally, an important skill to recession-proof yourself is people skills. Research has proven that individuals with good cognitive or people skills are less likely to experience unemployment compared to those with more technical skills. What then does it mean to have people skills? Simply put, how well do you relate with people, both on a personal and professional level? It means being conscious of how you communicate, listen, empathize and your willingness to partner with those around you for the good of your business or any other relationships. Being able to actively come up with problem-solving solutions as a team coupled with other valuable interpersonal skills.