Top 5 Workplace Trends in 2020 To Watch Out For

The workplace trends we are witnessing in 2020 has led to the coinage of the mantras, the future is now, or the future is here.

Someone once said “You can not stop an idea whose time has come’. The future of work is no longer a distant entity; it is a progressive shift that is happening today. Over time, what has stood out as the most certain aspect of reality is that change is inevitable. Things, as they are now, are not as they used to be a decade ago, and in-kind, a decade from now, only one thing is for sure, things will not be as they are now.

The workplace has undergone tremendous change, so much so that if a time traveller from the past or the future appeared in the present, they would be astounded by the difference. There have been some significant trends, especially in technology. 

Here are workplace trends in 2020 that you cannot afford to ignore:

The rise of she-economy

In 2020, The role of gender in the lines of influence is slowly fading away changing the face of businesses and consumer market across the globe. As it stands, women control 70%-80% consumer purchasing decisions in households across both developed & developing countries. This is due to the growing trend of women participating in the workforce and an increasing number of women in leadership positions. The number is expected to rise in the coming years.

Remote working as a standard requirement

If you were to define work a decade ago, most probably you would describe it along the lines of a 12-hour shift job in an office dressed in a suit. The nature of work was a rigid, unchanging routine. However, as time goes on, the regular 8-12 hour trend is being replaced with flexible working arrangements and hours. Statistics also have shown that about 80% of the jobs now can be done from home, and some people are working permanently from home. This provides a better work-life balance and boosts productivity and work satisfaction. This workplace trend is a ship that businesses have to board.

The universality of artificial intelligence

The world today is experiencing an overwhelming trend in the embrace of artificial intelligence. Take, for instance, the Henn-na Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, that is run by robots. In the technology-driven world, new things are popping up every day that can simplify business owners’ daily tasks and responsibilities. The effectiveness of artificial intelligence is stupendous. The implementation of artificial intelligence has so big of an impact that it is estimated that robots can effectively execute 40%  of the work that is done by people.  

The importance of employee experience

Another trend on the surge is the importance of employee experience, a concept that has evolved from employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Being employed is no longer 100% dependent on a monthly salary but the fulfilment process that comes with doing your job. It is about creating an environment where people want to show up to and feel appreciated. Various factors play a major role here.  It can range from the actual office space, flexibility, and so on. Employees are the biggest investment and have major significance in the company’s success. To make your top employees stick around longer, you need to focus on giving them the best employee experience out there. Make sure they are happy, fulfilled, and satisfied. Give them an experience they will never forget.  

More emphasis on Work-Life Balance

You cannot divorce the personal and the professional when it comes to work. Both of these aspects of a human being are symbiotic; one influences the other. The importance of a healthy work-life balance cannot be stressed enough. Without one, you or your employees will likely be stressed, sleep-deprived, and all-around exhausted. A healthy work-life balance prevents burnout and improves productivity. Working around the clock does not necessarily translate into more productivity, rather a harmonious balance between work and personal life. When there is no pressure on your employees’ personal lives and mental health, productivity is a guarantee. The only way an employee will be at their best and give their best is when there isn’t any conflict between their work and their personal life. 

Creative individualized training

There has been an emphasis on individualized training at the workplace today as organizations have awoken to the understanding that following a one-size-fits-all approach for training your employees is no longer the way to go. Each employee is unique and has specific training needs. Providing individualized training meets individualistic needs for your employees, and it gives them diverse learning options. Moreover, it engages them, offers a better level of learning, and it helps build more personal awareness