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Career Guidance

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Learn and and grow . With both online and offline events, you will meet other like-minded professionals and industry leaders.

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Ready to-go job-winning CV & Cover Letter templates and many more material for every stage you are in.

Erica Burett- Founder of The Career Lounge

Erica’s journey to Germany exemplifies determination and resilience. Despite 80 job rejections, she succeeded and still managed to get into some of the most competitive industries in Germany.Her journey is a beacon of hope, motivating others to achieve their dreams.

The inspiring story of Erica

Rejection is not a roadblock, but a redirection towards something greater. It is a powerful reminder that our journeys are rarely linear, and the path to success is often paved with obstacles and setbacks. 

What Our Student Members Say

Olta Albania

This community has been an incredible support system. From networking events to career workshops, I've found everything I need to prepare for my career in Germany. The connections I've made have already opened doors to exciting opportunities.

Brenda Kenya

Joining this community was the best decision I made after arriving in Germany. The guidance and resources available have been instrumental in my job search, and the friendships I've formed are priceless. I highly recommend it to any international student aiming for a successful career here.

Francesco Italy

The International Students Career Community has provided me with a platform to learn, grow, and connect with professionals from various industries. The regular updates on industry events and job openings have kept me informed and motivated. It's truly a fantastic resource for any international student.

Rohit India

I was initially overwhelmed by the idea of starting my career in a new country, but this community made the transition smooth and enjoyable. The support and encouragement I've received, along with the practical advice and opportunities, have been phenomenal. It's an essential network for anyone pursuing a career in Germany.

Yusuf Uganda

Being part of the International Students Career Community has been a game-changer for me. I've connected with so many like-minded peers and gained invaluable insights into the German job market. The events and opportunities shared here have really boosted my career prospects.

Jyotsana India

Being a part of this community has given me a sense of belonging and confidence. The career guidance, industry updates, and networking events have been incredibly helpful in shaping my professional path. It's a must-join for any international student in Germany!

Career insights from the blog

"Your network is your net worth "

Wer während des Studiums die richtigen beruflichen Kontakte knüpft, hat bessere Chancen, die ersten Schritte auf dem Karriereweg erfolgreich zu gehen. Unser Ziel ist es, dies für Studierende zu ermöglichen.
Erica Burett