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Are you a Student or Graduate living and studying in Germany? Do you want to get a foothold into the German job market but need support, a good plan, the right approach and a good professional network? Our Career Buddy Programm will connect you with experienced professionals across various industries who will coach and mentor  you jumpstart your career. 

Our Success Metrics Speaks For Itself...

Since the start of the program in April 2021, we have seen a tremendous success and progress from the moment our students started the program up-to the point they finished.









What To Expect

Career Guidance

Receive expert advice from your career Buddy and gain access to personalized guidance to reach your potential.

Networking Opportunities

Learn and and grow . With both online and offline events, you will meet other like-minded professionals and industry leaders.

Learning Resources

Ready to-go job-winning CV & Cover Letter templates and many more material for every stage you are in.

Our Buddies work at companies such as...

Connect and engage with professionals from all walks of life

Share Your Knowledge And Make a Difference

Grow as you help others grow. Become a career Buddy and share your knowledge & expertise with others who need it the most 

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How you can make an impact

As a Career Buddy, you will become the go-to person in regards to questions about how to find an internship, adopting into the workplace culture, interview preparation or CV run through.

Olta Muça

Financial Controller, Buddy program alumni & Ambassador

The inspiring story of Olta Muça

How the Buddy program helped me land my current job as a financial controller

Aside from the cultural and language barriers, my biggest challenge was finding an internship. I remember sending tones of applications to various companies, with no success.

What our Buddies say

Ich habe mich für das Career Buddy Program angemeldet, da ich fest daran glaube, dass wir alle nur wachsen können, wenn wir uns gegenseitig unterstützen und zurückgeben, was andere uns auf unserem eigenen Weg zuvor schon gegeben haben.
Anika Hoeing
Head of Communications & HR
Sprachliche und kulturelle Barrieren können den Zugang zum Arbeitsmarkt für Studierende aus allen Kulturkreisen erschweren. Als Career Buddy kann ich Studierende durch meine Erfahrungen & mein Wissen unterstützen und sie auf ihrem Karriereweg begleiten.
Gregorine Agbekbonou
IT-Consultant at Accenture
I know what is like trying to get your career started in a different country. For that reason, I would like to give back what I have learned throughout my career and help others get a head start of their professional journey in Germany.
Johannes Benkhoff
Technology & Innovation Executive

Career insights from the blog

"Your network is your net worth "

Wer während des Studiums die richtigen beruflichen Kontakte knüpft, hat bessere Chancen, die ersten Schritte auf dem Karriereweg erfolgreich zu gehen. Unser Ziel ist es, dies für Studierende zu ermöglichen.
Erica Burett

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