The Buddy Program

To enable a smooth transition from university to workplace

The process of transitioning from a student to a working professional can be a daunting one. But imagine how much easier it would be if you had someone offer you advice and expert guidance. With this program, we aim to connect as many students & graduates to the job market by connecting them with the right  professional network to jumpstart their career. 

The Buddy Program In a Nutshell.

The Buddy program provides a platform where students & professionals can connect, interact and engage with one another in an informal setting through 1:1 sessions.

Program outline

The Buddy program has 2 intakes: In April & October, each lasting 3 months. During this time, the student and the career Buddy will independently schedule monthly 1:1 sessions where they both get to discuss the Students' goals and define an action plan


The main goal for the Buddy-Student relationship is for the career Buddy to share their professional knowledge, skills and industry insights to the student and introduce them to their career network.


After the matching process, we will provide you with onboarding material detailing the program plan and templates to help you reach your career goals.

Networking opportunities

Being part of the program comes with a lot of advantages. You will have the opportunity to take part in variety of our online events & sessions where you will network with industry leaders and experts.


As a program participant, you will get to become part of Buddy Program community on LinkedIn specifically targeted for our program participants where you will meet other like-minded professionals and exchange ideas.

Training & Workshops

During the program, students and graduates will receive trainings from industry expert, in order to equip them with necessary job application knowledge and best practices

The Benefits

Develop leadership skills

Grow as you help others grow. As a career Buddy, you will have the opportunity to develop leadership as well as communication skills

Boost your confidence

Teaching or advising others lifts your motivation for my field. Transferring what you have learned in the past and helping others is exhilarating.

Advocate for others

As a Career Buddy you will have the opportunity to become the go-to person and enjoy following your student's path to success and many achievements.

Expand your network

Both the Career Buddy and mentor will have the opportunity to expand their network and gain insights into various industries and topics.

Fulfillment and personal growth

The Buddy relationship offers a win-win for both participants, in that both participants will achieve personal fulfillment and personal growth.

Develop intercultural competence

As a Career Buddy, you get to communicate and work with students from different cultural backgrounds, view and understand a problem through their lens . It’s an opportunity to improve your ability to work with people with different cultures

Happy to have you on board

When I started out my career in Germany, my biggest challenge aside from not having people to look up to, was not having a professional network. With this program, I am happy to offer a solution so that others don't have to make the same mistakes I made.
Erica Burett