Enroll For Career Buddy Program

Receive guidance right when you need it

The Career Buddy Programm will connect you with experienced professionals across various industries who will coach and mentor  you jumpstart your career.

How it Works


Fill out the registration form with the necessary information in order for us to understand your background. Submit it once completed.


After we have assessed your documents, one of our team members will get back at you to inform you about the next steps.


You then will be onboarded and get connected to your career Buddy right away who will assist you kickstart your career. Also you will you will receive working material to guide you through.

Benefits during the program


You will receive career advice from experienced industry professionals.

Networking Opportunities

Being part of the program, you will connect and get to meet industry leaders and like-minded people.

Events & Workshops

You will have have the ability to attend both offline and online events and meet re-known industry professionals.


Our Programm is completely free of charge!

Who can take part in this program?

International students & Graduates in Germany

The program is targeted towards the unique challenges facing international students & graduates living and studying in Germany

Students from 3rd semester (Bachelor)

To better implement that what is learned during the program, we recommend taking part in the program if your are in your 3rd semester of your Bachelor studies or doing your Master's degree,


If you have recently graduated, taking part in the program will help guide you through your job-search process

Sounds Exiting?

"Having someone to guide you through each step of the way is extremely empowering"

I always say that if I had a Buddy, or a Mentor to guide me along my career path in Germany , I wouldn't have faced so much hardships. But I'm glad I made this experience so that I can now help others.