Volunteer as a Career Buddy

Share your knowledge and make a difference

Help others grow. Become a career Buddy and share your expertise with others who need it the most

How it Works

Are you looking to help others achieve their career goals? Do you want to guide others get a foothold into the German job market? Then this could be a great opportunity to make an impact. As a Career Buddy, you will become the go-to person in regards to questions about adopting into the workplace culture, interview preparation or CV run through.

Fill out the form

To start your journey as a career Buddy, you will fill out the registration form . After your submission, we will review it and get in touch with you.

Get to know you

We will then arrange a 15 mins call where we get to know you as a person and to get a general impression of you and your motivation.


The next step will be to connect you and your student. We will also provide you with working material and resources to set you up for a great start

Take a Quick Self Assessment

Do you have some free time?

Do you have 2hrs/month to help others grow? As a career Buddy, you will offer your guidance for program duration of 6 months.

Do you have experience?

Your Buddy will rely on your experience in the field. We are keen to selecting people with a few years of industry experience.

Are you good with people?

We want to provide a safe space where your Buddy can ask you questions without feeling judged. You need to have understanding for people's needs.

Will you show up?

The main reason why people want to have a Buddy is because they want to have someone who cares for them. You need to be able to commit to being there in every step of the way.

Is this for you?

If you aren's sure or still have questions, no problem. Just drop us a message and we will get back at you.

We welcome all backgrounds

The core values of this platform are openness, honesty and inclusivity. We welcome everyone from all walks of life and industry as long as you feel like you have what it takes to help someone.

Grow as you help others grow

Your knowledge and skills as a Career Buddy has the ability to impact another person's life in a great way. Help others grow as you also grow.