How to Write a Killer CV in Minutes.

It goes without saying that first impressions matter. When job hunting, your CV gives you a chance to give the hiring manager a lasting impression. Your CV will either get you that interview or not. It is for this reason that you have to ensure that it is concise and tailored specifically for the job title you are applying for. Here is a quick guide that will help you write a killer CV in minutes.

The Layout

First things first. When writing a killer CV, you need to ensure that your CV looks appealing to the eye. Ensure that the design and layout of your CV is not too complicated and that the font and spacing of your words promote legibility. This of course builds up to the kind of impression you leave your prospective employer. 

If you are just starting out, be sure to check out the many CV templates that are available and adapt one that will suit your needs. The layout of your CV will also entail how well you organize the different sections in your document. To ensure that whoever is reading your CV can navigate through information as easily as possible. Before you can get to your academic achievements and qualifications be sure to include the following

  1. Contact details- mobile and email address
  2. Background information- introduce yourself briefly (short and sweet); this will help to add life and personality to the document
  3. Objective statement- to include the name of the company and the job title you are applying for

Indicate your Skills and Abilities (technical and non-technical)

Now that you know how to structure your document, you can go ahead and write your skills and abilities. While it may be tempting to indicate all the skills you’ve been able to garner through your professional journey, always keep it relevant. If you are applying for a position in Data Analysis, ensure that the technical skills you indicate go hand in hand with the role.

When writing your CV, do not leave out your soft skills as well. For example, interpersonal and leadership skills. Be sure to give instances where these skills were applied and what role you played. If you helped to lead a team, make sure that it is visible in your CV. Remember technical skills and soft skills complement each other so don’t ignore either.

Previous Work/Volunteer Experiences matter

A killer CV has to have evidence of previous work experiences. Nothing says you can get the job done other than evidence of previous work or volunteer engagements. This is crucial more so for jobs that require a certain level of experience. Ensure that you indicate the most recent and relevant work experiences that will help you land the job. As aforementioned, keep in mind that the hiring manager will be interested to know;

  • The role you played
  • Achievements/ Results
  • What you learned

A great CV will also have a mention of any volunteer work that you may have taken up. In a world where getting paid is the main motivation for almost everything, volunteering skills are beneficial

Education Qualifications

Are you a Certified Programmer or UX designer? Whichever role it may be that you are applying for, your education qualifications matter. In fact, most job adverts require that you have an educational background. This is a means to verify your industry knowledge. When indicating your educational background, ensure you begin with the most recent and work your way down. Highlight the degree or diploma you pursued and your area of focus.

Write down your References

Not all job applications require you to have references but where necessary, ensure that you provide the names and contact details of your references. These have to be people you have worked with before and people who can endorse your skills and capabilities. It is always courteous to also inform them beforehand that they will appear on your CV that way they do not feel ambushed or coerced into doing something they were not comfortable doing. Hiring managers may want to assess your credibility based on the people you have worked with previously and whether you would make the ideal candidate.

Additional tip;

A very important thing to be keen on is the length of your CV. Unless you are required to give a comprehensive CV, do ensure that it is not too long and not too short as well. Ensure that your document captures everything the hiring manager may want to know about you and does not leave anything important out. Never sell yourself short in the name of having a one-page CV. As so long as it’s relevant, ensure it appears on your CV. 

Have a look at the template below from and see if you can apply the same on yours.

All the best!